What evidence should I collect after obtaining my 2-year conditional green card?

What evidence should I collect after obtaining my 2-year conditional green card?

Question: I just obtained my 2-year conditional green card through my U.S. citizen spouse. I know I have to apply for a 10-year green card before my conditional green card expires. What evidence should I collect before my conditional green card expires? Will I have to submit the same documents I provided the first time?

Answer: To apply for your 10-year green card, you need to provide evidence of your relationship from the time your 2-year conditional green card was approved through the time you apply for your 10-year green card. You need to submit the same categories of evidence, but you do not need to submit evidence that you previously submitted.

Major Purchases: If you purchase a house or vehicle, the house or vehicle should be titled in both spouses’ names. If you incur new debts for these purchases, such as a house mortgage or a car loan, you should pay these debts from your shared bank account. 

Shared Address: You need to provide proof that both spouses have been living together since you received your 2-year green card. You should provide a deed or lease with both spouses’ names. If you have a Homeowners’ Association (HOA), both spouses’ names should be on the HOA bills. You should update both spouse’s driver’s licenses if you move. You should make sure that all bank accounts, utility bills, and other accounts all display your current address at all times. 

Shared Finances: At the interview for your 10-year green card, proof of combined financial affairs is more important than at the interview for your 2-year green card. You and your spouse should combine your financial life as much as possible. You should have shared checking accounts, savings accounts, and credit cards. It is best to provide all monthly statements for each shared account since the time your 2-year green card was approved. Of course, you can still have separate accounts also, but USCIS wants to see that you are both contributing income to a shared account and are also paying your shared living expenses (rent, mortgage, utilities, groceries, gas) from your shared account. A shared account that only one spouse uses has no value to your application. 

Insurance: Each spouse should be the beneficiary of the other spouse’s retirement accounts or life insurance policies. If one spouse’s employer offers health insurance you should list the other spouse on the same health insurance policy. 

Travel: If you travel together, be sure to keep the travel itinerary and receipts for plane tickets and hotels. 

Gifts: If you give each other gifts, take pictures of the gifts and keep receipts. Even if the receipt is screenshot from Amazon.com, this can be helpful to your application. 

Photos: You should take photos of you two together with friends and family at holidays and important events. For each picture, you should write the date and the names of the people in the photo with you. 

Because there might be a long time between the time you file your application and the time of your interview, you should keep compiling evidence to bring to the interview. 

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