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How much does a marriage green card cost?

U.S. immigration attorney reviews your application, corrects any errors, answers your questions, mails your application to USCIS, monitors your application, responds to any RFEs, and participates in your interview.

  • Attorney Fee: $4,000
  • USCIS Fee: $2,115
  • Employment Authorization Document: $260 (optional)
  • Advance Parole Travel Document: $630 (optional)
  • Input your application info on our website.
  • U.S. immigration attorney reviews your application and corrects any errors.
  • Unlimited attorney consultation about this application.
  • Attorney mails your completed application to USCIS.
  • Attorney monitors your application and updates you at every step.
  • Attorney participates in your interview by phone.
  • Attorney respond to any Requests for Evidence (RFEs).
  • All information you provide is protected by the attorney-client privilege and is never sold or disclosed to third parties.

Who can apply for a marriage green card?

  • Petitioner is a U.S. citizen
  • Petitioner satisfies minimum income requirements
  • Petitioner and Beneficiary are lawfully married
  • Beneficiary entered the U.S. legally
  • Beneficiary is not in removal proceedings
  • Beneficiary has never provided false information to the U.S. government
  • Parties can produce evidence of a bona fide marriage

Required Documents

U.S. Petitioner's Required Documents

  • Birth Certificate (if born in the U.S.).
  • Naturalization Certificate (if naturalized).
  • Proof of income for income for the current year: pay stubs, pay checks, or letter from employer.
  • Most recent Tax Return Transcript (can be downloaded here).
  • If previously married: Divorce judgment or prior spouse's death certificate.
  • Two passport-style photographs (2"x2", white background).

Foreign Beneficiary's Required Documents

  • Passport biographical page.
  • Visa for most recent entry into the U.S.
  • Birth certificate.
  • If previously married: Divorce judgment or prior spouse's death certificate.
  • If any criminal record: Certified copies of complete criminal case.
  • Two passport-style photographs (2"x2", white background).

Proof of Genuine Relationship

  • Marriage Certificate
  • Proof of cohabitation: 
    • Deed or lease showing both parties' names. 
    • Letters or bills showing both parties' names and address, for example utility bills, government notices.
  • Proof of joint accounts and assets, for example:
    • Jointly-filed tax return.
    • Monthly statements for joint bank account.
    • Monthly statements for joint credit card.
    • Deeds to property in both parties' names.
    • Life insurance policies.
    • Health insurance policies.
    • Titles to vehicles in both parties' names. 
    • Utility bills in both parties' names.
  • Photos together, including marriage ceremony photos and everyday photos. 
  • Letters from two friends or family members explaining how the friend/family member knows the Petitioner and Beneficiary and providing observations showing the Petitioner and Beneficiary have a genuine marriage relationship.
  • Letter from the Petitioner and Beneficiary explaining how they met and decided to marry.

Income Requirements

To apply for a foreign beneficiary, the Petitioner's income must satisfy certain minimum requirements. The specific income required depends on the Petitioner's household size. The Petitioner's household includes: the Petitioner, the Beneficiary, and any dependents listed on the Petitioner's tax return.

The Petitioner's annual income, as reported on the most recent year's federal income tax return Form 1040, must satisfy the requirements below: 

Sponsor's Household SizeMinimum Annual Income
Add $6,725 for each additional person

Steps to Apply for a Marriage Green Card

1. Fill out online application

You input your information and upload your documents to our online platform.

2. Lawyer reviews

U.S.-licensed attorney reviews your information and documents.

3. Attorney Submits Application

Attorney submits all government forms and evidence to USCIS.

4. USCIS provides case number

USCIS provides a case number to monitor the status of your application.

5. Fingerprints

The Beneficiary provides fingerprints at a USCIS office.

6. Employment Authorization Document + Advance Parole

The Beneficiary receives an Employment Authorization Document and Advance Parole, which allows lawful employment in the U.S. and travel outside the U.S.

7. USCIS reviews

USCIS reviews your application and conducts a background investigation.

8. Interview

You participate in an interview at your local USCIS office.

9. Approved!

The Beneficiary receives a permanent resident green card.

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